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HOPE Infrastructure and Services

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The D-NET System software - as developed by DRIVER1- was customized to meet the requirements of the HOPE System Architecture for the implementation of the HOPE Aggregator.

The customization activity consists of:

  • The evaluation and testing of existing D-NET assets, namely the set of services outcome of the DRIVER project, to realize and adapt those needed to implement a federation of repositories compliant with the requirements.
  • The configuration of existing services for the specific needs of the HOPE project.
  • The design and implementation of new services.

Examples of the customization activity consists in the personalization of the look and feel of the user interface, the implementation of wrappers and harvesting services tailored to specific operational contexts, the customization of the search functionality as to serve diverse user needs and the adaptation of harvesting and aggregator services to deal with the HOPE data model.

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