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This HOPE Wiki is one of the results of the project "Heritage of the People's Europe" (HOPE). The HOPE project was co-funded by the European Union through the ICT Policy Support Programme (2010-2013).

HOPE presents the heritage of the people of Europe and their history in the process of social change.

HOPE networks the digital collections of European institutions in social history and the history of the labour movement.

HOPE unites more than 880,000 digitised objects from the end of the 18th century down to the present, making them available through web based platforms like Europeana and the Social History Portal.

More on the HOPE project: visit the website.

The HOPE Wiki has three main sections.

Best Practices for the Social History Domain

The section on best practices documents the knowhow of the Best Practices Network created by the HOPE Project, on such issues as the Social History institution, trusted repositiories of digital collections, cross-domain access to collections and their metadata, and long-term management of digital objects.

HOPE Infrastructure and Services

The section explains in detail the infrastructure and services created by the HOPE project, such as the HOPE Persistent Identifier Service, the HOPE Aggregator, the HOPE Shared Object Repository, and the HOPE Portal.

HOPE Content Provider Manual

The section guides potential content providers to the HOPE collections through the processes of planning, preparing and submitting their digital collections to the HOPE Aggregator. It also explains how ingested collections can be curated and enriched, and how they are disseminated by HOPE to a diverse range of discovery services.